Wednesday, August 1, 2007

A Hair Affair

I left my "regular" job at the end of February. Since then, neither scissors nor clippers have come near my head. As a wee lad, I had fairly long hair for a boy. Back then, my hair was straight and soft. At about age 6, it began to change. By high school, my hair was thick, and a bit kinky, and so it was kept considerably shorter. Then, at age 17, I went to college and was in ROTC. With this came a military buzz.

I was quite fond of this hairstyle. Easy to maintain, though it did require bi-weekly clips. Then I left ROTC, after three years, and I fell into a funk. With this funk I felt a need to transform. And so I grew my hair a bit. But my hair does not cooperate with being long. It is quite wild. I could not deal with the sides being long, but I grew out the top and had it chemically straightened on occasion. That lasted a couple years, then I went back to the buzz. And that lasted for many years.

But now I've sorta left behind another life, and like Forrest Gump just feeling like running, I just feel like growing my hair. But my hair does not cooperate. Were it just me in this world, I'd be content with wild hair, but alas, I need to look presentable at times, and so a lot of effort goes into keeping the hair in check. Friends and acquaintances, for the most part, think I should cut the hair. Some even think it's hideous.

This makes me not want to cut my hair even more. My hair is what it is. If it's that revolting to you, perhaps it's best you not associate with me...

So I'll continue growing it, I think... just to see what it looks like at Christmas.

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