Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Blue Light Special

Monday was a big day for Entropy, in the realm of home improvement, or more appropriately, home completion. As mentioned in the previous post, our two year old home is not yet complete in the way of trim and landscaping.

Kmart, last week, had a 75% off special for trees. I guess these are the trees no one wanted from the spring. I know pretty much nothing about horticulture (or is it silviculture?) when it comes to trees, so I just went down to K-mart and go a bunch of trees. I didn't even know what they were till I got home and googled images of them. Some of the trees weren't even labeled so I still don't know what they are.

For all I know, the trees are sick, or are inappropriate for this climate zone. And I know that the soil out here may be good for agriculture, but it's not the most hospitable for trees. But what the heck, for $20 for a 10 foot tree, I'll take the chance. So in the ground 20 K-mart trees went. I post this entry mostly for my own records. I'm gonna try to outline what these trees are and where they are planted so that in five years, when someone asks "what's that tree?" I'll search my blog and know.

Here is a *hideous* 2 minute MS Paint layout of the new trees. Yikes! I really need to do it up in cadd or something. And I guess it was 22 trees. Anyway here it is and below will be the key.

1,2,3,4 - Either willow oaks or willowleaf oaks... might be the same thing, Quercos phellos

5, 6 - are... dammit, I forgot!!!

7, 8 -- again, don't remember

9 - Autumn Purple Ash

10 - Autumn Purple Ash

11 - Showbiz rose tree

12,13 - some kind of crabapple tree

14 - whip raywood ash

15 - not sure

16 - not sure

17, 20 - fantasy maple

18, 19 -

21 -

22 -

I can't remember anything!!! Hopefully some have tags on them that I'll go look at when I water today...

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