Thursday, July 12, 2007

Work Ethic

I started to read Total Recall by Sara Paretsky, and in the prologue, I found something speaking to work ethic. As usual, and as it should be, a mind pursuit positively affects one of the other life categories, here being entropy and career. Read the AG Anthology blog entry about it, but here's what I've taken from it:

I need to create a work ethic. I've always had a tremendous work ethic. Showing up to work and working hard. That was when I had a clearly defined job to do. Now, my work is entrepreneurial and of a creative development nature. If a day goes by with me not doing anything work related, nobody notices, but it does negatively affect my progress. It requires a new type of work ethic.

This is a challenge. How do I make sure that every work day, I get up and advance my career? I have my home office, but it often turns into a place to escape the kids and check out youtube. I've gone so far as to consider renting an office in town so that I can 'go to work.' I'd hate to waste that money if I can create a work environment in my home.

Check out the entropy page to see what I'm trying to establish insofar as scheduling my life is concerned. I hope to create a routine of work ethic. But I need some inspiration or a kick in the pants to carry it out. Any suggestions?

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