Monday, July 2, 2007

Entropy, thy name is mud

First, where does that saying "thy name is mud" come from? Google, amazingly, failed me. I had to turn to yahoo via to find this somewhat placating explanation.

Anyway, I tore into entropy today. Not the best entropy-ripping day I've had in recent memory, but a good one none-the-less. What is 'entropy' anyway? Here's what Wikipedia has to say about it. Check out the AG Entropy Page for more, but basically 'entropy' is a measure of disorder.

In my life, at least, disorder reigns. It threatens to consume me and my environment. Some people are very good at creating order, it comes natural. I, however, must try very hard. And I must try hard because I am inefficient in a chaotic environment. I helped for a week or so in the Katrina disaster recovery effort near New Orleans. I was in an animal rescue base outside of Gonzalez, LA. It appeared to be chaos, but it was managed chaos. And my sole job there was that of a structural conduit, to reign and control the chaos. It was amazing, and I did well.

So in my personal life, there is much energy, but that energy easily leads toward disorder. In this project, I strive to apply this energy constructively and in an orderly fashion.

Today, I attacked several home projects, and it felt great. I put up a pool, a trampoline, barn roof rafters. I created order on my homestead. I spent time with family and friends (who helped me accomplish these tasks), spent time talking and connecting. I also rode (a horse) for the first time in a very long while. This last activity was full of meaning. It established a baseline for entropy-busting, by exciting me about working with the horses again. It was physical exercise. Most importantly, it rekindled a spiritual exhilaration. See this Musings entry to get a feeling for what riding means to me. Good day. I also gave myself some points for mind... perhaps that was for reading the New Yorker... ha!

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