Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Wasted day & drilling wells

What is a wasted day? I often feel that I have wasted a day, but upon closer inspection, I did do something productive on that day. Perhaps I feel the day is wasted because I wasn't doing something I felt was more important.

This may seem like a menial inner conflict, but it's important because this perception easily sets a tone for the following day or even the week. Two examples are this past Sunday and Monday.
On Sunday, I spent most of the day moving some water well drilling equipment from Mountainaire to Santa Fe. The machines are older and slow moving on the road (at times going a whopping 20mph), so it really did take all day.

At the end of the day, I mourned the day, for I felt it was a waste, monkey-wrenching on equipment and driving for 5 hours in a hot, stuffy cab. However, in really thinking about it, this was an important day for Career. In addition to the construction venture, I want to carry on the water well drilling legacy my father began with his brother. The construction venture, in addition to general contracting, will drill water wells, with my father as qualifying party for the company and me becoming a qualifying party in the future.

Thus the move was important for two reasons. First, it needed to be done for two wells I'll be drilling with my dad in the next couple months. Second, it motivated me to pursue the well drilling venture.

Yesterday (Monday), I spent the entire day planting trees. 20 of them. I'll create another blog entry about that, but anyway, i sort of felt it was a lost Monday as I have much paperwork, bill paying, website (business) updates, and business planning to do. However, I do realize it was an important day for Entropy. We've been living out here for two and a half years. There are many aspects of the home that are incomplete, landscaping being a big part. These 20 trees made a big impact in progressing the landscaping agenda and bringing us a step closer to a complete home.

In all, these two days weren't wastes at all.

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