Thursday, July 12, 2007

Reading, Righting, Rithmetic

I guess spelling wasn't in the curriculum of this saying's author. I do have, or at least had, a strong aptitude for arithmetic and advanced mathematics. There was never an advanced math or calculus class I couldn't ace. With the exception of differential equations. And I'll blame that on the fact my professors (both times I took it) spoke no English and lectured to two hundred students at a pace appropriate for a livestock auction. The students who succeeded in these classes were those who actually had the compunction to attend study groups and seek out TA tutoring. Not me, nosiree. If I didn't get it during lecture or after skimming the chapter, I was done. I had better things to do like lounging at student union or napping on the quad.

However, I've never seen math as something to do during leisure time to improve your intellect. Reading and writing, however, I consider two of my hobbies, or perhaps even my passions. When it comes to writing, I am one of volcanic temperament. Meaning that there are always ideas bubbling and brewing, but it is only on occasion that there is a spewing forth of composition.

Reading, on the other hand, is something I love to do all the time. Novels, magazine stories, shampoo bottles, you name it. Reading, along with music and films, illicit some pretty powerful emotions in me. Like dreams, unfortunately, those feelings often dissipate shortly after. I sometimes read strictly as a distraction, but even then I'm learning something... about the world around me or about the human condition. Same with music and films. Even in the most inane songs and movies often have some hidden wisdom and insight. Because truly, I think most writers do try hard to instill depth in their work, it's part of their ethos. The production, of course, often takes a turn for the worse, but at the core of the script or lyrics, there's often something good. If nothing else, it presents some sort of conventional wisdom or even a reflection of pop culture.

Anyway, I want to chronicle what I read, listen to, and watch. I don't want to chronicle in this blog, since I'd like to focus on the project. Like AG Musings chronicles my writings, I'll create another blog to chronicle my readings/watchings/listenings (is there a term for these three things?) I'll call it AG Anthology, only because I can't think of a better name. There I'll list all things I read/watch/listen to, and provide commentary in the form of posts.

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