Saturday, June 30, 2007


Let's talk connections. Not self-serving business connections nor lecherous backpage 'missed connections,' bur rather genuine, benign human connections.

My illustrious daughter made a friend at theater class recently. And as most parents can relate, this situation typically necessitates some sort of friendly interaction with the other kid's parents. These are often superficial, but tolerated for the sake of the kids. But sometimes, there is the potential for more.

Neither my wife nor I are very good at maintaining close friendships, and I am considerably worse than her. I have only one good friend from my youth that I interact with regularly, and it's usually him that reaches out after periods incommunicado.

Part of the reason, I suppose, is that I can be rather selfish with my time and energy. Friendships are relationships, and relationships require time and effort. I do realize the importance of friendships, they satisfy a basic need of our spirit.. a need to connect and relate. I do have that need, like anybody else, and I've deprived that need for too long.

In this project, I will make a true effort to reconnect with family and friends, and to nurture any new connections I may encounter.

This couple we met, the parents of my daughter's new friend, seemed kindred in a way. The potential for a real connection is there, I should make a true effort, to give it a chance.

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