Thursday, June 28, 2007

fiscal phobia

I have a condition (one of many, I might add). A quick google search validated it. Now I need to find a support group. I have 'financial phobia' aka 'fiscal phobia.' For some reason, most of the engine hits are from the UK, but none-the-less, it's real and I have it. Financial phobia is:
... a psycho-social syndrome which causes individuals to avoid cognitive engagement with the management of their personal finances. Sufferers experience negative emotions of anxiety, guilt, boredom, or feelings of lack of control when dealing with money matters, resulting in lack of vigilance – and in the worst cases complete avoidance – in this area. (Dr. Brendan Burchell, link below)

I NEED HELP! Seriously. I have months of unreconciled bank statements. My bills are often late, paid only by the grace of a last minute, anxiety ridden, flurry of online bill paying. In exploring bookkeeping options for my small business(es), I spoke with a few bookkeepers, and they seem averse to handling what appears to them insignificant matters such as reconciliation, budgeting, and bill pay. They seem to believe these are such ludicrously simple tasks that the business owner or an employee of the company is much better suited to carry them out rather than an outsourced bookkeeping service. With noses raised high about such tasks in business, I'm loathe to broach the subject regarding my personal finances.

So, anybody have any suggestions? Anybody in the 505 interested in doing my personal finances for a pittance?

I must go now, I think I saw a couple disconnect notices in the mail I have to go hide under the 32 bank statements piled in a box under my desk.

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NotMe said...

I'm still running from my finances. But I've taken a step. I put all bills I could on autopay. It doesn't help me in keeping track of budget, expenses, and finances in general, but it does keep the bills paid. Now I just have to make sure there is money in the bank account, a much more manageable task.

I still feel great anxiety every time I think of finances, though.