Thursday, June 28, 2007

What profit is there in this?

Public accountability is one of the premises on which this project is based. For this to work, I need to be incredibly honest. Being honest with you, the reader, compels me to be honest with myself. However, this slope is wrought with repercussions of an unknown degree, namely that I don't know if and what I write will be held against me in the future.

Will family and friends scorn me if I speak of a subject they find unsavory? Will business associates discriminate against me for what they might perceive as a character flaw?

How much will honesty hurt me? What if I reveal I've committed larceny, but wasn't caught? What if I mention an interest in necrophilia? What if mention an affair I had with another man? These are not facts in my life, but what of similarly controversial revelations? Is honesty worth whatever cost it incurs?

I'll probably use this test: What profit is there in this? Of course, by 'profit' I refer not to monetary gain, but to a net benefit of some kind. Honesty fundamentalists might argue that omission of fact is dishonesty. I don't agree. Thus unless someone can convince me otherwise I'll continue this way. Besides do you really want to know all my deep dark secrets just for sake of knowing? There are some juicy ones...

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