Thursday, June 28, 2007

Statistics, I need help!

So I took a course or two in stats while in college. I always found mathematics fascinating, but I never really believed it would be useful. Sure, while working in a research lab, but in the outside world?

Well, I have a need now. How do I derive meaningful stats about this project? I layed out some metrics in the metrics pages, but how do I analyze the results? I'm not entirely sure. So I used the only statistic that I can readily pull out of my head: average.

I will rate my progress daily in each of the 5 life categories on a scale of 1 to 5. I assigned two definitions to each number, a subjective one and an objective one, so that I have some flexibility in rating the day.

My goal is a daily average of 4 across the board.

I need some help here with spreadsheets. I'm too tired right now to describe what I'm trying to do, but if you are really good at spreadsheet formulas, email me so we can chat.


NotMe said...

Found a spiffy way to post progress data. The data will be charted on the metrics page of the AG Chronicles website. Cool thing about swivel is that I can update the data from any web browser and the chart embedded on my website will reflect the changes.

I would still like some feedback on the statistical approach I'm taking, though... namely, will my approach create meaningful data?

NotMe said...

Swivel has great potential, but it's got some serious usability issues. And the support group seems dead since April. I think I'll try google documents next. Keep data on google spreadsheet and publish the graph.