Friday, June 29, 2007

Strangest dream

I was working in downtown Santa Fe, but it looked different than it actually does. It was bigger, more open spaces, more modern. It was around Fiesta de Santa Fe time. In fact, the Zozobra burning was supposed to be that evening. It was a Friday. What the heck is Zozobra, you ask? Click here to find out:

The dream was erratic, as I suppose dreams usually are. There isn't a good chronology to it. Anyway, at one point I met with a friend, a girl who I once knew, I'll call her 'R'. We approached a pickup truck that appeared to have been a police salvage vehicle. It was an odd truck, for the bed was long, much longer than a normal truck. It had no tires, but it had tire wells for an additional pair of wheels behind the typical rear axle. The cab was open and my friend climbed in. She found a large piece of bloody duct tape with the impression of a human ear in it, as if the tape had once, indeed, held someone's bloody ear to their head. At that moment, a plainclothes cop of some kind showed up with a Doberman pincher. He started to show off his dog's obedience and attack abilities by siccing the dog on me, but not letting the dog bite me. I think the dog did start to bite me once, but it stopped. This went on for what appeared to be several minutes while my friend stayed in the truck admiring the tape. Apparently she knew who that ear impression belonged to. A guy who was a cop, and that we both knew. And I think he actually lost his ear.

Next thing I know the cop and the dog are gone and in my dream-mind there is playing an audio newsreel explaining that this cop (the one with the dog) was officer Johnson and he had solved some mysterious crime. I was surprised that someone with such a sick sense of humor as to sic his police dog on innocent people would accomplish such a feat. Around the time the audio news reel is playing, I find myself circling a mobile home with an odd roof. The roof being made of a blue, odd, rubbery material, not unlike what tracks (as in track & field) are made of. This mobile home and roof material is somehow linked to crime in question, but I'm not sure how.

My aunt 'C' showed up. She wanted a couple things, I don't remember the first. The second was that she wanted us to drive up to Zozobra in a tractor. Don't know why. We didn't, we drove up in a truck. 'We' being people of undisclosed identity. My friend R might have been in there, but I'm not sure. We got stopped at the admissions gate and I got out for some reason and didn't continue on the journey.

My cousin, B, made it into the dream, but he was just saying he didn't want to go to Fiestas.

At one point I was in a hotel or dormitory of some kind. Something meaningful happened in the building but I don't remember what.

Then there was a flashback to some kind of war, maybe WWII. I pictured a John Wayne movie poster with John Wayne as a soldier. He had green olive green fatigues and helmet. He was all dirty and had very yellow, rotting teeth, apparently from being in the war trenches forever, smoking and unable to tend to oral hygiene. I don't remember ever seeing a real John Wayne movie poster like that, but perhaps I have. I saw some part of some battle occurring. The battle was realistic at first, but it quickly degenerated into a scene from a video game. But it wasn't even something from Medal of Honor, the warriors appeared to be naked, short-haired trolls. Apparently they couldn't escape the army barber. For the under 30 crowd, here's a picture of the trolls I'm talking about. So yeah, these cropped haired trolls were spewing forth from their rainbow colored APC's and battling out with an unknown enemy. That dream sequence didn't last long, thankfully.

Finally, I found myself on the roof of the aforementioned hotel/dorm. It was a vast roofscape. I think the previous war dream sequence was meant to intro me to a character in my dream. I think this guy is old today, but he was a wee lad during the troll-war. So in world war fashion, this roofscape was strife with poverty and dirty children in tattered clothes. These children (and adults) were trying to climb their way up this very steep metal roof, pockmarked with obstacles such as boulders. Children were regularly falling and would come tumbling down this roof and would fall into the abyss.

So anyway, I was sorta hovering next to this kid that I would apparently meet in modern times. I followed his progress to the top, encouraging him all the way. Several times he wanted to just let go and fall along with his countrymen, but he made it.

So yes, last night I had the strangest dream... what does this mean? Dunno, just thought I'd share.

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