Saturday, June 30, 2007

Dead Links on AG Chronicles

I hate dial-up!!! I'm traveling intrastate a bit now, in the midst of launching this project and website. At home I have high speed Internet, but not at my secondary location. Only dial-up. It's maddening!!! I curse dial-up for being so slow, but I also curse web technology for hogging so much damn bandwith.

In the infancy of computer tele-communications, as in the infancy of PC computing, I think programmers were simply forced to be frugal... and we all benefited. Bill Gates is quoted as having said something like, "640K of memory should be enough for anybody." Gates denies saying it, but you get the gist. This allegedly from the guy who founded the company notorious for memory and processor-creep.

My first modem was 2400 baud. I ran a BBS (Bulletin Board System... the predecessor of websites for you young 'uns) on this 2400 baud modem. I had callers dialing in at 300 baud. And we took care of business. We had our discussion groups, email, file transfers, and even online games, all hosted on an MS-DOS computer over a 2400 baud connection. Granted, my BBS had only color ASCII graphics, but it did the job.

NOW, I can't even update my freakin' website because the web FTP interface from my hosting service takes 10 minutes to load over a 56K connection, and it freezes up 90% of the time. My ftp client's build expired and I need to download a 3MB update, but that download corrupts for some reason, so I can't use that either. And though I do have internet service via Alltel for my smartphone, Alltel offers only 1x(slow...) and not EVDO(fast!!!) in my area.

So all this ranting just to let you know that I do realize all the 'page' links on the site are inoperable, and that I am working on the content, but it'll take some time before I can upload the content. I did finally order DSL for my secondary location, because dial-up is infuriating and often useless, but it'll be a week before they switch it on. So, hang tight!

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